Fellow Biomaterial Science & Engineering

Fellow, Biomaterials Science & Engineering

Nomination to the status of Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering is offered to individuals who are recognized for their outstanding contribution to biomaterials research, education and service. Fellows are those who, through word and deed, foster advancements of the biomaterials field and support its professional development as a practical and intellectual endeavor.


The Subcommittee on Biomaterials Fellows of the Society For Biomaterials Liaison Committee invites Active and Retired Senior Members to nominate distinguished SFB members for election to Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering  (FBSE).

For a more detailed presentation of these recognitions, please read http://www.worldbiomaterials.org/fellows.htm


Briefly, in April 1992, the constituent biomaterials societies of the World Biomaterials Congress, now the IUSBSE, established the honorary status of "Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering" (FBSE) to offer public recognition of those of their members who have gained a status of excellent professional standing and high achievements in the field of biomaterials science and engineering.


According to the by-laws of IUSBSE, proposed Fellows are first elected by the constituent society (SFB in our case) prior to the Word Congress and their names are forwarded to IUSBSE that makes the final decision.  The duly nominated, approved, confirmed, and installed Fellows have the right to carry the letters FBSE.  Induction of the new fellows will take place during the World Congress in Montreal in May, 2016.


Herewith, the Society For Biomaterials requests nominations for election of Fellows, Biomaterials Science and Engineering  (FBSE).


Any SFB member in good standing may nominate one or more individuals.  Nominated SFB members should fulfill the following requirements:

Candidates should have at least ten years of scientific or professional contributions to the field of biomaterials science and engineering.
Candidates should have at least ten years of continuous active (full) membership upon nomination, or alternatively, founding membership in the Society.
Candidates should have appropriate professional training (a bachelor's degree and a professional or research degree), competence, and good standing in a discipline appropriate for biomaterials science and engineering research. Exceptions can be approved with sufficient justification.
Candidates should have significant contributions to the field of Biomaterials Science and Engineering documented by a continuous productivity in biomaterials research, development, education, or administration. The documents shall evidence an increasing leadership role.
Candidates should have a continuing record of publication in refereed journals appropriate to the candidate's contributions to the field.


Nominations should consist of:

A nomination letter
A two-page single-spaced analysis of the candidate's accomplishments providing substantial information as to the contributions of the candidate to the field.
A complete CV


It is recommended that the final nomination be submitted as one pdf file.  Please e-mail all nominations by March 15, 2015 to the Society office:  dlemyre@ahint.com

c/o Dan Lemyre, CAE

Executive Director

Society For Biomaterials


Current SFB Member Fellows include:


Mauli Agrawal

Harold Alexander

James Anderson

Joseph Andrade

John Autian

Robert Baier

Hamed A. Benghuzzi

Rena Bizios

Jonathan Black

Jack Bokros

Barbara D. Boyan

Lisa Brannon - Peppas

John Brash

Henry Brem

James William Burns

Karin Caldwell

Allan Callow

David Castner

Stuart Cooper

Arthur Coury

Robert Craig

Norman Cranin

A.U. Dan Daniels

Michael Debakey

Jan Feijen

J.O. Galante

Andres J. Garcia

Jeremy L. Gilbert

Eugene Goldberg

Stuart Goodman

David Grainger

Linda Griffith

Ulrich Gross

Gunther Heimke

Jorge Heller

Larry Hench

Allan Hoffman

Thomas Horbett

Can Hu

Jeffrey Hubbell

Samuel Hulbert

Lynne Jones

Jacqueline Jozefonwicz

W. John Kao

Lawrence Katz

Sungwan Kim

James Koeneman

David H. Kohn

Joachim Kohn

W.J. Kolff

Jindrich Kopecek

Martine Laberge

Robert Langer

Cato Laurencin

E.P. Lautenschlager

R.I. Leininger

Jack Lemons

Robert Levy

Linda Lucas

Donald Lyman

Peter X. Ma

Edith Mathiowitz

Edward Merrill

Phillip B. Messersmith

Anne Meyer

Antonios Mikos

Prabhas V. Moghe

Marcel Nimmi

Yukihiko Nose

Kinam Park

Russ Parsons

Nicholas Peppas

William Pierce

Bob Pilliar

Hanns Plenck

Solomon Pollack

Buddy Ratner

William M.  Reichert

John L. Ricci

Joseph C.  Salamone

Thomas Salthouse

Philip Sawyer

Christine Schmidt

Frederick Schoen

Michael Sefton

Dennis Smith

Paulette Spencer

Samuel Stupp

Liping Tang

T.M. Valega

Andreas Von Recum

Leo Vroman

William Wagner

David Williams

Ioannis Yannas

Michael J. Yaszemski


All nominees will be evaluated by the SFB Subcommittee on Biomaterials Fellows. Selected candidates will be forwarded to the SFB Council for their approval and then to IUSBSE for election. 

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