• Anne E. Meyer, PhD

    University at Buffalo | MEMBER SINCE 1985

    When I became a member of SFB, I was an analytical chemist working in a research and development organization.  With each new project at work, I was learning more about the challenges of implants, the materials proposed for use in those implants, and whether our analytical techniques were appropriate for understanding how biology and implant materials interacted.  The first SFB meeting that I attended was an absolute joy of learning new things and meeting new people!  That joy continues to this day because SFB meetings have such a good variety of topics and perspectives along the research, development, and commercialization spectrum.  Over the years, our Society For Biomaterials also provided me with many opportunities to develop leadership skills, which have been put into practice for SFB, my university, and other organizations. Society For Biomaterials is a community that gives to each individual, and that encourages each of us to pass that giving spirit along to our colleagues and students.

  • Andrés J. García, Ph.D., F.B.S.E.

    Georgia Institute of Technology | MEMBER SINCE 1993

    I have been an active member of SFB for more than 20 years as a student, post-doc, and faculty member. In addition to outstanding diverse professional opportunities for scientific discussions, networking and interactions with industry and government, the Society has provided a nurturing environment where I have developed many good and lasting friendships and had a lot of fun!

  • Robert Hastings

    DePuySynthes, Joint Reconstruction | MEMBER SINCE 1991

    I view the SFB as the premier forum for biomaterials research.  The Society makes it easy to locate expertise to help with new ideas and R&D efforts.  I look forward to the annual meeting to catch up with colleagues and learn about new technologies.  The regional “Biomaterials Days” are a great opportunity for companies and academic institutions to connect locally for sharing projects and potential employment.

  • Steve Little, PhD

    University of Pittsburgh | MEMBER SINCE 2006

    I would definitely say that the Society for Biomaterials has become (of all Societies) my academic home.  The people in SFB are clearly the most welcoming and helpful and the meetings are the most productive for me.  The Special Interest Groups provide members with a truly unique way to engage the Society that has no equivalent anywhere else.  If you are looking for a place to develop true relationships with the best Biomaterial scientists and engineers in the world, this is the Society for you.

  • Beth Pollot

    University of Texas at San Antonio | MEMBER SINCE 2011

    Being a part of SFB as a student has afforded me many opportunities to network and develop into a professional in the field of Biomaterials while in graduate school. The collaborative environment between industry and academia has allowed me to make connections that extend beyond the Annual Meeting and I've gotten exposure to Biomaterials expertise that is unavailable from just reading publications. From joining Special Interest Groups (for free!) to communicating with the student chapters throughout the country, there is a real sense of community in SFB that sets it apart from other professional societies.

SFB News

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