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SURFACE ANALYSIS LINKS - Service Companies and Institutions (alphabetical)

  • Advanced Materials Surfaces and Interfaces Group, The Robert Gordon University - This group provides services including XPS, STM, AFM, Auger, LEED, SEM, contact angle analysis.
  • Advanced Plastic & Material Testing, Inc. - APM Testing provides A2LA accredited laboratory services for plastic testing, metal testing, rubber testing, oil testing, paint testing, plating testing, adhesive testing, circuit board testing, and more.
  • Anderson Materials Evaluation - AME is an analytical laboratory for rapid-response materials characterization including failure analysis, quality control, materials and process development, and expert witness services.
  • ATI Wah Chang - ATI Wah Chang provides laboratory services, technical consulting, material selection support, failure analysis, and information request response services.
  • Chemir Analytical Services - Chemir Analytical Services solves difficult problems that require independent analytical investigations, such as deformulation (reverse engineering), chemical analysis, material testing, identification of unknowns, product failure analysis and contaminant identification.
  • CMC Laboratories - CMC's focus has been providing a high level of technical and business support in the area of advanced materials to the electronic industry.
  • Constellation Technology Corp - Constellation Technology Corporation is focused on providing nuclear, chemical and biological solutions with emphasis on sensors and instrumentation for the detection, control and monitoring of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Corrosion Testing Laboratories - Corrosion Testing Laboratories is a complete, full service corrosion testing, failure analysis and materials evaluations facility, providing a wide variety of services to the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metal/material refinery, biomedical and other industries nation-wide and around the world.
  • Crane Engineering - Crane Engineering provides comprehensive forensic engineering services to legal, insurance, industrial, and medical tech companies.
  • Daresbury Laboratory - Daresbury lab provides XPS service.
  • Element (Formerly Stork Herron Testing Labs) - For 140 years, Stork industry experts have offered specialized materials testing, product evaluation, failure analysis, and consulting services to industries around the world.
  • Evans Analytical - Evans Analytical Group® (EAG) provides global analytical services focused on surface analysis, materials characterization and electronic testing services.
  • Exova - Exova is a global provider of laboratory testing, advising and assuring services to many of the world's most innovative companies. From aerospace to automotive, pharmaceuticals to polymers, and food to fire safety, Exova ensures that our customers' products and services meet the requirements for quality, safety and performance through our testing services.
  • Geller MicroÅnalytical Laboratory, Inc. - Geller MicroÅnalytical Laboratory, Inc. is certified to ANSI Z540A, ISO-9001 and 17025 providing analytical services and design and manufacturing of a limited number of unique products that are directly related to microanalysis, including Auger, EPMA, SEM and microhardness.
  • General Magnaplate - General Magnaplate's surface-enhancement coatings have been engineered to provide metal parts and other substrates with corrosion and chemical resistance, super-hardness and dry lubrication.
  • Harper International - Harper International designs highly engineered custom thermal processing systems with integrated process controls.
  • Impact Analytical - Impact Analytical provides services on characterizing failures on polymeric materials in all applications focusing on the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, packaging, plastics, medical device, consumer products, and automotive industries.
  • IMR Test Labs - IMR Test Labs is a Nadcap and A2LA accredited laboratory offering high-quality testing services including: Failure analysis, thermal spray coatings testing, fatigue testing, automotive component and coatings testing, chemical analysis, metallurgical investigations, mechanical testing, composites testing, litigation and more.
  • Intertek PTL - Plastic testing (including elastomers, composites and polymers) is all we do at Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories (Intertek PTL).
  • Laboratory Testing Inc. - Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) specializes in materials testing, nondestructive testing, specimen machining, failure analysis, dimensional inspection and calibration services.
  • Lambda Technologies - Lambda Technologies provides complete engineering surface enhancement solutions to fatigue and stress corrosion problems.
  • Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc. - Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the practical application of materials testing, inspection, materials engineering, and failure analysis.
  • Material Interface - Material Interface, Inc. is a contract laboratory that specializes in failure analysis and product R&D using surface analysis techniques, coating design, and consulting.
  • Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc. - Laboratory capabilities include scanning electron microscopy (variable pressure and field emission SEM), light microscopy, corrosion testing, and mechanical testing.
  • The McCrone Group - The McCrone Group offers microanalysis, materials characterization, instrument sales, and education.
  • M + P Labs - The M&P Lab is a full-service materials testing laboratory offering clients a full range of analytical services such as acceptance testing, quality control, process evaluation, failure analysis, reverse engineering, research and development.
  • N2 Biomedical - (Formerly Spire Biomedical) N2 Biomedical provides advanced medical device surface treatment processes. For over 20 years, Spire Biomedical was the market leader in surface engineering services for improving the performance of orthopedic and cardiovascular products.
  • NANOVEA - Nanovea offers clients testing services with a range of nano/micro/macro mechanical, metallurgy, tribology and 3D non-contact metrology or AFM. Measurements include: scratch adhesion, indentation hardness, wear friction, elastic modulus, fracture toughness, creep stress, surface profiling, surface roughness & finish, dimensional metrology, thickness mapping, shape & topography, volume & surface area and others.
  • National Physical Laboratory - The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK's National Measurement Institute and is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology.
  • Nesac/Bio at the University of Washington - NESAC/BIO provides expert and detailed information about surface properties (composition, structure, spatial distribution, and molecular orientation) needed by biomedical researchers.
  • NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Novacam Technologies Inc. - Manufacturer of non-contact 3D profilometers based on fiber and optical inspection technology. Products include measurement systems, OCT systems, and metrology software.
  • NSL Analytical Services Inc. - NSL Analytical is an Independent Commercial Testing Laboratory specializing in inorganic elemental chemical analysis, metallurgical and microscopy evaluations and polymer composite materials testing.
  • NuSil Technology - NuSil Technology offers services, technology, and industry expertise for testing of silicones.
  • Oneida Research Services, Inc. - Oneida Research Services® (ORS) offers specialized laboratory testing services to support the microelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, and defense industries.
  • RBD Instruments - RBD provides materials science and surface analysis products and services.
  • RJ Lee Group, Inc. - RJ Lee Group provides industrial forensics services.
  • Rocky Mountain Labs - Rocky Mountain Labs specializes in the chemical analysis of surfaces and thin films.
  • RTI Laboratories Incorporated - RTI performs a wide variety of chemical analyses in the areas of environmental chemistry.
  • SEAL Laboratories - SEAL provides ESCA and Auger analysis.
  • Sherry Laboratories Incorporated - SL offers a comprehensive source for metallurgical, nometallic, polymer, environmental, bioassay, petroleum-related and microbiological testing.
  • Smart Imaging Technologies - SIT provides automated image analysis and 3D modeling solutions.
  • Solarius Development Inc. - Solarius Development Inc. provides 3D non-contact surface measurement based on laser and optical inspection technologies.
  • Solecon Labs - Solecon provides silicon depth profiling to the semiconductor processing industry using Spreading Resistance Analysis (SRA).
  • Spire Biomedical - see N2 Biomedical, above
  • Stork Herron Testing Labs - see Element, above
  • Structure Probe - SPI provides analytical services including SEM, TEM, EDS, and ultra high resolution microscopy.
  • Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory - Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory is a complete testing facility for mechanical, chemical, corrosion, and fabrication of test specimens accredited to Nadcap and ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Thielsch Engineering, Inc. - Thielsch performs analyses of machinery and structures to determine the cause and origin of failures.
  • Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. - In addition to its R&D services, Touchstone offers failure analysis and testing, with one of the finest facilities available.
  • Trace Laboratories - Trace Laboratories is a U.S.-based, internationally accredited full-service testing and analysis company, with two state-of-the art laboratories. Trace East in Maryland and Trace Central in Illinois can address the full scope of your test and analysis requirements.

SURFACE ANALYSIS LINKS - Surface Analytical Equipment Companies (alphabetical)

  • Agilent Technologies - Products include X-ray, PCR, MS, etc.
  • Aspex Product Group - ASPEX provides Scanning Electron Microscopes.
  • AXIC, Inc. - AXIC, Inc. was founded in 1980 as a company to develop surface science equipment for the semiconductor, electronics, and general scientific community.
  • Biacore Life Sciences - Biacore develops systems for protein interaction analysis in basic research, drug discovery and development, manufacturing and quality control.
  • Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems - The NTS Division is a value adding integral part of Carl Zeiss developing, producing, selling and servicing SEM, TEM, and particle beam instruments designed to set unique high quality standards and to provide customer focused solutions for the semiconductor, material analysis and life science application fields worldwide.
  • CORVIB - CORVIB provides measurement instruments for hardness, thickness, coating thickness, roughness and more.
  • CSM Instruments - CSM Instruments provides equipment that allows the mechanical characterization of a wide range of surfaces and bulk materials.
  • Dantec Dynamics Inc. - Dantec provides laser optical measurements systems and sensors.
  • JEOL - JEOL USA, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of JEOL Ltd. Japan, was incorporated in the United States in 1962. The primary business of JEOL USA is sales of new instruments and peripherals and support of a vast installed base of instruments.
  • Henniker Scientific - Henniker Scientific supply components, instruments & complete systems for a wide range of vacuum, thin film growth & deposition, UHV surface analysis, plasma treatment, plasma characterization & gas analysis applications.
  • Inductoheat, Inc. - Inductoheat Inc. prides itself on providing customers with high-quality induction heating, induction forge heating and induction heat treating equipment.
  • ION-TOF - ION-TOF develops TOF-SIMS, LEIS and SPM.
  • KEYENCE CORP - Sensors, vision, measurement and microscopes.
  • Kratos Analytical - Kratos Analytical provides surface analysis, turbopumps, and MALDI TOF products.
  • KRÜSS USA - Kruss provides products such as tensiometer, contact angle, interfacial rheology, etc.
  • MILLBROOK Instruments - Home of MiniSIMS.
  • Omicron Nanotechnology - Supplier of solutions for analytic requirements under UHV-conditions in the fields of surface science and nanotechnology.
  • Physical Electronics - Physical Electronics (PHI) is a subsidiary of ULVAC-PHI, the world's leading supplier of UHV surface analysis instrumentation used for research and development of advanced materials in a number of high technology fields including: nanotechnology, microelectronics, storage media, bio-medical, and basic materials such as metals, polymers, and coatings.
  • Q-Sense - Q-Sense develops and markets research instruments based on the patented Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) technology. Their products are suitable for studying molecular interactions and surface science, as QCM-D measurements provide answers about mass and structural changes at the nanoscale level.
  • RBD Instruments - RBD provides materials science and surface analysis products and services.
  • RHK Technology - RHK Technology develops and manufactures a complete line of scanning probe microscopes.
  • SEMTech Solutions - SEMTech buys and sells used SEM.
  • SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH - SPECS focus on the design and production of instruments for nanotechnology, material science and surface science in general.
  • Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. - Products range from portable systems for field and in-service inspection to fully automated industrial solutions for quality assurance.
  • Thermo Scientific - Thermo Scientific provides a broad range of analytical instruments.
  • - Surface Analysis Engineering Services
  • Unitron Ltd. - Unitron markets a full line of microscopes including medical, laboratory, student, stereo, measuring and metallurgical.
  • Veeco - Veeco makes equipment to develop and manufacture LEDs, solar panels, hard disk drives, and other devices.

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