SFB Board replies to Executive Orders on Travel Ban

Dear SFB members,

We are aware that the recent Executive Order regarding travel restrictions into the United States may impact many of our members and Annual Meeting attendees.

The mission of the Society For Biomaterials "to promote advancements in all aspects of biomaterial science, education and professional standards to enhance human health and quality of life" affects people irrespective of their race, religion or political persuasion. To achieve this, we need to be able to meet, discuss and collaborate with colleagues from around the world, and will continue to provide such a forum where all are welcome.  The Society For Biomaterials values the participation of scientists from around the world independent of their country of origin.

The Board of Directors has sent a letter to President Trump stating this view and encouraging him to consider alternatives.  A copy of this letter from the SFB Board of Directors to the President of the United States is available on the SFB website here.

We encourage you to monitor the latest developments, requirements and restrictions regarding travel on the US Department of State website.

If you have specific questions related to the upcoming Society For Biomaterials 2017 Annual Meeting please contact Dan Lemyre (dlemyre@biomaterials.org) and we will do our best to provide assistance.


SFB Board of Directors