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Society For Biomaterials Announces 2019 Award Recipients

SFB recognizes Society members with prestigious industry awards for outstanding achievements and contributions to the biomaterials field

December 4, 2018—The U.S. Society For Biomaterials (SFB), a professional society which promotes advances in biomedical materials research and development, will host its Annual...

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This one-day workshop, sponsored by the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, will focus on the challenges of moving advanced technologies from the academic lab to the marketplace. The event will convene various groups involved in this process to collaboratively identify and address key gaps. Attendees will:

• Discuss the early incorporation of evolving regulatory...

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Diabetic foot ulcers can take up to 150 days to heal. A biomedical engineering team wants to reduce it to 21 days.

They’re planning to drop the healing time by amplifying what the body already does naturally: build layers of new tissue pumped up by nitric oxide. In patients with diabetes, impaired nitric oxide production lessens the healing power of skin cells, and the Centers for...

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While making smart glue, a team of engineers discovered a handy byproduct: hydrogen peroxide. In microgel form, it reduces bacteria and virus ability to infect by at least 99 percent.

Hao Meng’s doctoral project focused on biocompatibility testing and pulling a sticky amino acid out of mussels. Glue-like catechol shows promise for smart adhesives — a small jolt of electricity can turn...

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