Nanovis Announces FDA Clearance of FortiCore® PLIF and TLIF Spinal Interbodies with Nanosurface Features

Spinal Implants Cleared with the Most Advanced Nanosurface and Best Imaging

On March 28, 2018, Nanovis announced the successful FDA clearance of its FortiCore® TLIF and PLIF interbodies featuring a Nanosurface-enhanced deeply porous titanium scaffold intermolded with a PEEK core. The initial launch of the expanded FortiCore® wedge-shaped cervical cage occurred in October 2015. Since then, Nanovis’ foundational FortiCore® interbody fusion platform has been well proven with over 4,250 implanted to date.

“Implant nano surface science has advanced from the early days when we simply created nanoroughness for implants because tissues have nanoroughness. Now we understand the mechanisms by which nanotopographies can interact with cellular signaling pathways. I’m delighted that with Nanovis’ implants, patients can now benefit from a carefully designed and controlled nanotopography that harnesses this groundbreaking research,” said Thomas Webster, PhD, Chemical Engineering Department Chair, Northeastern University.

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