April 30th Book Release: Immune Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicines

SFB’s Past President and current Board Member, Thomas J. Webster, MS, PhD, has co-authored the Immune Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicines. With an April 30, 2018 release date, it “provides a broad survey of various topics pertaining to the immune effects of biopharmaceuticals and nanomedicines, both beneficial and adverse. An essential reference for the novice and expert alike in diverse areas such as medicine, law, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, toxicology, drug development, regulatory science, and governmental affairs. It highlights both cutting-edge technological advances and also addresses critical topics such as nano-bio interactions, toxicity, and FDA regulatory issues.”- CRC Press. Pre-order your copy today: https://goo.gl/bnuSgM